Disruption of Public Space

As I was doing some online research on the benefits of chocolate I was directed to a fun and informative site called upwave. I stumbled into a really exciting video featuring Andia Winslow, the author of upwave as she moves through a city doing a range of yoga poses and other forms of “exercise”.

The link below will take you to Andia’s inspiring video. Watch her do pull ups on construction scaffolding and do a yoga pose on a busy street corner…. and sit ups in the middle of a laundromat using a laundry detergent prop to build strength. She describes this activity, movement as a “disruption of public space” which struck me as being particularly radical given the overall picture of sloth that often greets us outside our doors.

Think about it…. using our public space for healthy movement and full engagement with our bodies. Why spend money on the gym? Why make a schedule of exercise? Why not just move as we can… each of us in our own way through the towns and cities we live in?

Let’s interrupt the cultural messaging of gluttony and passivity.

upwave – http://upwave.com/series/life-on-the-upwave


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